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Hello everyone

My name is Orit , I am 54yrs old, a mum, a wife and i work full time in a Children Hospital in my local area in Epsom UK.

I first discovered my love for Jewellery making when my daughter was born 25 years ago, and  have been making them ever since.


To start with I used to created pieces of jewellery using glass beads , i invested in some tools and findings, made a huge collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  I ended up selling the whole collection and then I took a break to decide which direction i’d like to go next.

One day I stumbled across Polymer Clay and that has changed my path in jewellery making. I fell in love with the endless possibilities and effects you can achieve with this amazing modelling clay.  In my website you will be able to see some of the pieces I have created. I then started experimenting with Resin combined with PC and again, I took that onto another level to create one off and very unique pieces of jewellery.

I am self tought but I have attended various courses to enhance my skills and experience working with a wide rage of craft materials and paints.

4 years ago I started attending craft fairs, in the Surrey area and i’m happy to say that the response I got has been very positive.  I’ve had many online orders as a result and met some very lovely people.

In 2015 I was awarded. “Inspirational Lady of the Year by The Southern Voice Magazine and I was approached by Aspire Magazine to advertise my Web page in 2 of their monthly issues.  I see this as a big achievement towards getting my jewellery seen by a wider audience.

I highly recommend to all crafters to follow as many tutorials on places like YouTube, Pinterest  and Instagram, I’ve learned so much from such talented people.

My next big step is to start making Jewellery using Precious Metal Clay PMC and I can’t wait to start



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